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February 1


Freedom Day

Give Kids a Smile Day

Robinson Crusoe Day

Hula in the Coola Day

Wear Red Day



A Different Drummer



Young Stevie was waking up from a nap.

"Strange," he thought,

"I feel like I'm ... floating."

Opening his eyes,

he could see sky and he could see sea .

 Sea ? ! ?

He sat up.   More sea.

He was on a raft!

Floating toward a shore.

A seashore.

"What ! ? !"


"Where am I ? ! ?"

Then he heard barking.


Looking around he saw him come runnin'.

There he was,  ol' Freddy.

Barkin' an' swimmin' up toward the raft.

His waggin' tail and front paws were splashing him forward.

Freddy ... the best dog a kid could have !

Freddy was always nearby, slept by his bed and

was always right there when he woke up.


The waves pushed Stevie towards the shore, and into Freddy.

They greeted one another and they both were very happy.

They were still playing in the water,

when they heard ... 

The Drums.

Freddy barked.

"Shhhhhhh." warned Stevie. 

They swam to shore, and then scrambled up a small hill
where the drum rhythm seemed to be getting louder.

When they got near to top of the hill,
they both quietly crept up on their bellies the rest of the way.

Soon they were able to see, and,

what they saw on the other side of the hill was amazing.

Blue kids !!!

Stevie hadn't seen blue people before.

There were about twenty, he guessed.

All wearing red shorts and brightly colored shirts.

Most were dancing in a circle around a campfire.

Some of them were sitting on big rocks beating drums ...

boom boom Boom.

boom boom Boom.

The drums kept beating,

boom boom Boom.

and the Blue kids kept dancing.


Stevie stood up.
Freddy was ready.

They started walking down the hill toward the blue kids.

then ... the drums stopped.

the Blue kids stared as they saw a boy and dog approach.


"Heellloooo Everybody !"

Stevie hollered,  still some ways away.

The Blue kids continued staring at them both.


When Stevie got closer, he noticed no one was smiling,

no one was talking,
no one was even moving,

they were all just watching him ...
and Freddy.

"Hello everyone," he said,
"I heard the drums, and I was curious."

He waited. 

Silence ...

Stillness ...
and quiet were interrupted
by the sound of one of the drums falling over.

It had been patiently resting next to a rock,
but then, slipped to the ground and started rolling,

Ka plak ...  Ka plak ...  Ka Plunk!

until it stopped finally ...
at Stevie's feet.

Now everyone was looking at the drum
and Stevie's feet.

Stevie picked up the silent drum,
immediately wishing that he knew some drum music.

All he knew was the very old,
"Shave and a Haircut"...

Oh well.

He sat down on a big rock and put the drum between his legs,

He looked back up at everyone and started his solo ...

bump ba ba bump   bump   ...   Bump Bump !

He smiled at the Blue kids, all of them.

They all were looking at him,   then

they started looking at each other,

and in just a few seconds more ...

Stevie saw one of the girls started smiling,

then another,

then someone else,   soon ...

everyone was smiling! 

and they all started laughing.

Freddy was once again barking happily.


Young Stevie thought, 

"What should I do next?"

? ? ?

{free quote}

"The creative is the place where no one else has ever been.
You have to leave the city of your comfort
and go into the wilderness of your intuition.
What you'll discover will be wonderful.
What you'll discover will be yourself."   

- Alan Alda



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