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September 7

Reserved:  L.J. Bucket

*****************************************************************************************************************September 10

Reserved: David P.
September 14

Cream-Filled Donut Day




Lorraine was sitting inside, eating a donut.

She had just taken her first bite when,

along comes a small, white, fluffy kitten.

The kitten climbed up the chair,

and was interested in sniffing whatever

this girl was nibbling on.


Lorraine broke off a crumb and offered it

to the new kitten.

“Hello,” Lorraine said,

“Are you hungry?”



Mewed her new friend.

She quickly ate the little crumb and was

sniffing around for some more … when suddenly,


“RUFF !”  

One of the dogs had gotten inside.

That little kitten scrambled up Lorraine’s back

and was now sitting atop her head …

hissing at the intruder.

While balancing the kitten on her head,

Lorraine calmly walked over to the dog and let him back out.

She then carefully, lifted the kitten out of her hair,

and then sat and petted her until she was purring restfully.

With things now back to “calm”,

Lorraine decided to go outside and climb trees.

 She loved doing that, and

she was good at it.  Her brother, too.

Of course … she had taught him.


She put on her jacket and

 wrapped the remaining half donut in

a napkin and stuck it in her pocket,

then went outside.


Sure enough, her younger brother was already up

in their favorite tree.  Lorraine ran over and hollered,

“Hey! We have a new kitten.”

“Really? What’s her name?” her brother asked. 

“Hmmm … I don’t think she has one … yet”

Lorraine replied.


Just then, they heard some commotion.

Here comes a barking dog running,

and right in front of him was a small white blur.

That little kitten headed for the tree

and climbed up so fast …

that she was quickly above the two kids.


“I’ll get her down.”  her brother offered.

But, he couldn’t reach up high enough, and was having

a little trouble figuring out just how to get the kitten down.


“I have an idea.” Little Lorraine said.

She reached in her pocket, and unwrapped the napkin.

She pulled out half of a donut and her brother said,

“Your idea is to eat?”

“Sure. Rescuing kittens is hard work.”

Lorraine winked at her brother,

split the donut in half, gave him one part,

and broke a few crumbs off the other.

She then carefully placed three crumbs

on her jacket sleeve, each a few inches apart from the other,

 then slowly reached up to the kitten.

“Come here, Kitty.” She coaxed.


Sure enough, that little kitten came over to sniff,

then taste, and then started crawling down the jacket sleeve.

  Soon, she was on Lorraine’s shoulder and next, in her arms.


“What are you going to name her?”

Her brother asked.


“How about…?”

And then she whispered into the kitten’s ear.

“pssst pssst pssst”

Her new friend replied.



“Okay then.  That’s settled.”  and with that said,

 Lorraine and her newly-named friend walked away.



{free quote}


“Time spent with cats, is never wasted.”

- Sigmund Freud



September 21

International Banana Festival

World Gratitude Day

International Day of Peace

 World's Alzheimer's Day

Miniature Golf Day


September 21st: World Gratitude Day

In 1977, those hippies at the United Nations Meditation Group

established World Gratitude Day to appreciate existence.

Even the least existential among us can recognize

a thing or two  for which we feel grateful.

For example, we feel grateful that you are still reading this article.



September 22

Business Women's Day
Dear Diary Day 
Radiant Day of Peace
Centenarian's Day
Hobbit Day
Elephant Appreciation Day
Ice Cream Cone Day
Legwear Day
White Chocolate Day
Rhino Day

 Reserved:  Crystal Dawn




September 28


Museum Day

Ask a Stupid Question Day

  Good Neighbor Day

 Fish Tank Floorshow Night

 International Right to Know Day

World Rabies Day



 Reserved:  Robbs


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