UppP Dreams

{Work in progress ...}  
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Read Me First



Thank you for your interest.

and ... 

Good evening,
allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are the UppP Brothers
and we have written
and continue to write
some special and unusual stories.

There are a few things that could be, kept in mind as you read these.

First, we have only the best intentions and tried to be thoughtful and clever.
  Maybe have a little fun exploring some new ways to
celebrate tomorrow's crazy holidays.

To Inspire !

 To Edify !

To offer UppP some
 silly weird fun and, 
an easier way to recall
"unique holidays" and,
maybe something else.

Okay, we'll admit, we've left the box,
 spun around a few times &
we are not coming back.
 ...  ...   ...
Okay, you were right.
  We're back.

Secondly, we have a "poetic license," 
and we're not afraid to use it.

It has also been said

that we use too ... many ... ellipses ...
& that we misspell
the words, "UppP" and  "Nite" ...
  We don't think so.

There's a New kind of  "Nite"  in town,

and each Nite that you read a story ...

there's all kinds of other stuff going on. 

Things that lead to ...

 {best word, now, we think}


"UppP" ?

 We think there are many different
ways to use this word.
We also believe this is a new way to spell "UppP."
  finally ...  it's our last name.

{you may be seeing this, again}

At first, this may seem like just a bedtime stories book,
and a daily calendar of special holidays,
but there's more .

 Much more.

These stories are intended to be a part
of  a nightly bedtime experience.

The entire collection will be,
366 stories.

One for each Nite of the year.

All new.
 All original.
Some: say,  "Epic!"

Next; did you know that every day is a "holiday" ? 

Well ...
now you do 
and ...
  You will never be the same again.


All holidays expressed are the ones that are repeatable,
on the same date of each year.
 { ie: not Thanksgiving. -
as it is always on a Thursday -
with a different date each year.}

... not a fit. 

Lots of other holidays.

This way, assures that each of these stories,
 are repeatable,
each year,
 throughout each and every year.

(kinda' like a perpetual calendar or a keepsake) 

*{ Not pickin' on you, February 29 }


Everything's included and it goes like this:

  You read the story the Nite before the holiday.

If, for example, tomorrow is, "Name Your Self Day"
  Then you can start thinking how you would liked to be addressed.

If tomorrow is, "National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day"
You may get some menu ideas.

If tomorrow is, "World Party Day",
  You will definitely want to know that.

It goes on and on and on.

There's a celebration every single day    &

You are gearin' ... UppP, 
the ... Nite . before !

That's how this works !

and you, dear reader have been invited to "preview"
these coming attractions.

Oh yeah, just one more thing.

The phrase, "& they lived happily ever after."
 will not appear in any of these stories,
nor will you find any answer key.
They're not that kind of stories.

In fact, most will not have a "clear cut" type of ending,
but instead ...
 may offer up some "thought provoking ponderings." 

There's a phrase,
"Theater of the mind."
just thought I'd mention that,
I guess, here.

On this website, we've decided to include,
stories for every other (odd numbered days) nites.

{If you see even numbered dates, with stories ...
there is probably a very good reason for that}


Another beautiful thing about this is ...
 it's easy and  fun!



 Are you ready ...

for a "curiously enjoyable"

type of adventure?

  C'mon ...

We dare you.

With you at Nite,

The UppP Brothers.




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