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Mar 1

Dress in Blue Day
Pig Day
World Compliment Day
Horse Protection Day
National Peanut Butter Lovers Day
World Day of Prayer


Little Terry lived on a farm.
She was wearing her old favorite blue dress,
and was going out to do her chores.

First she went to see Polly,
the pig.
"Good Morning, Polly,
You look fat and sassy.
Polly snorted back happily and pranced away.

Terry then walked over to the water pump,
and pumped water for the animals.

She went into the barn
and played with the new kittens.

After that she went to see Holly,
the horse.
"Good Morning, Holly,
Why the long face?
Today's a Beautiful Day !
Make sure you keep your shoes on
to protect your hooves."

Holly nodded up and down,
and trotted off.

Terry, then went into coop
to gather the eggs.
After that,
she tried to teach the little chicks to sing.

"Peep. peep. Chirp. 
Chirp.  chirp.  Peep."

It seemed like she had been
 teaching baby chicks for years.

Terry finished with them,
and brought the eggs inside.

She made herself, PB & J sandwiches,
(she loved those}

after she ate,  it was time for her nap.

She was resting on her bed,
smiling and thinking about ...

The farm,
her family, and
 the animals.

She closed her eyes,
and quietly whispered,

"Thank you."

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Mar 3

Daughter & Sons Day
International Sister City Day
I Want You to be Happy Day
Namesake Day
National Anthem Day
What If Pets Had Thumbs Day?

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Mar 5

Unique Name Day
National Cheese Doodle Day
National Multiple Personality Day
{ under revision }


Mar 7

 Cereal Day
Nametag Day
National Be Heard Day

World Maths Day

{ under revision }


Mar 9

Barbie Day
Get Over It Day

Joe Franklin Day
Panic Day
Genealogy Day

{ under revision }


Mar 11

Dream 2013 Day
Johnny Appleseed Day
Fill Our Staplers Day
Napping Day

World Plumbing Day

{ under revision }


Mar 13

Donald Duck Day
Earmuffs Day
Good Samaritan Involvement Day
K-9 Veterans Day

Ken Day  (the doll)
L. Ron Hubbard Day
National Open An Umbrella Indoors Day
Registered Dietitian Day

Jewel Day

{ under revision }


March 15


Absolutely Incredible Kid Day
Everything You Think is Wrong Day
Dumbstruck Day
True Confessions Day
Freedom of Information Day
Pears Helene Day


My Kid Sister, Jaci

Once upon a time, there were 2 kids,
me & Jaci.
Jaci was an absolutely incredible kid.
One of the absolutely incredible things about her was ...
She was a "special thinker."

She would carefully take her time
to consider ...
 many different ...
aspects ...
 of whatever she was thinking about.

One day, while we were leaving Pioneer Park,
we heard someone, from on top of the hill,
hollering down,

"Everything You Think is Wrong !"

We stopped, looked up quickly, but
whoever it was....
was ... no longer visible.

Jaci was dumbstruck.

"What ? ... What ?"
"Why would anyone say that ?"
"Who would even think that ?"

Jaci had a hard time with this.
"How can this be ?"

I explained that today was a "holiday" called ...
"Everything You Think is Wrong Day."

"I did not know that."  she confessed.

Shortly thereafter, she smiled,
then climbed up a nearby snowbank.

" Announcement All !
Free Information !

Tomorrow will be :

Everything You Think is Right Day !!! "

Still up on the snowbank,
She turned around,

looked down at me and said quietly,
"You're not the only one with a poetic license, brother."

 We were almost home when we spotted Jaci's friend,
Helen and ... her best friend, Helen.

They were playing in Helen's backyard.

Jaci stared at the pair of them ...,
then suddenly
 started laughing.

{free quote}

 "We don't stop playing because we grow old,
we grow old because we stop playing."

- George Bernard Shaw


March 17

St. Patrick's Day
Submarine Day
Campfire Girls Day

Liam the Leprechaun
While out walking by the beach,
we spied a few small trees off in the distance.
When we looked closer
there seemed to be a kid in there playing.
We snuck up on him to play a joke.
When we were right behind him, we shouted, "BOO"!
He turned around startled,
This was no kid.
This was a very short and very old man.
He dressed in mostly green. and he wasn't playing,
he was making shoes !
This short little man must be
... Leprechaun !

What is your name?  we asked.
He replied,
"Liam.  Liam the Leprechaun,
at your service.
Today is your lucky day !

I'll grant you 3 wishes,  but only 3.
Consider your wishes carefully."

 We then asked,
 "Is it also true you keep a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?"

"Yes, it is true. It is the finest wonder to behold.
An overfilled black pot, gleaming with gold.  
It's right over there, on the island in the sea
with all the colors of the rainbow, ... literally.
It's opportunity and  the most beautiful sight,
Do you
wish you can see it ?  It's pure delight."  
He smiled.

 "Yes !"    we say excitedly.

"That's One.  Two remaining wishes."

 Liam spoke.

Liam reached in his pocket, pulled out a small remote control.
pushed a few buttons & a large submarine surfaced out of the sea.
We walked to the beach and waded to the sub.
Liam helped us up and said,

"Welcome aboard, & kindly step to the rear
 we must hurry before the rainbow disappears."

The submarine was actually quite large on the inside
We sat down on a bench and looked out the windows,
and watched the fish swim quickly by.
soon ...
We landed on Camp Fire Island

The island was sparkling and wondrous !
It was warm and smelt delicious.
The very air was tinted in swirling colors
and right on the shore, where the rainbow ended, sat
a huge black pot filled with glimmering gold.
As we were staring ...  
someone snuck off.

"Goodbye !"  
shouted Liam
Calling from behind the door of the sub.

We were astounded !!!
"Wait! wait!   What about our other 2 wishes ?"  we hollered.
"You still have them!"   Liam shouted back,
then gave us a wink, and closed the sub door behind him.

We just stood and watched Liam, and his submarine slowly sink into the sea.
lower...  lower ...
BlurP !

We stood alone on the island.
The rainbow and it's colors slowly disappearing.
The pot of gold was now gone.
The rainbow was now gone.
We were stranded.
It was getting darker and colder.
"I wish we were home."  I muttered.

PooF !

Back Home.
Ready for bed.

...from somewhere ...
we heard his voice ...

"That's Two.  One remaining wish."   


{free quote}

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

 - Eleanor Roosevelt


March 19

Poultry Day
National Agriculture Day
Swallows Return To San Juan Capistrano Day
Chocolate Caramel Day
Act Happy Day

Chic n' Cliff

Out on a little farm,
Chic the chicken was waiting.

His friend will be coming back soon.
and he was very excited to see him again.

Chic walked by the cows,
who were busy filling up milk pails.
asked Bossy,
his large black and white friend.
Chic could speak "cow",  so he understood.
he replied,
Bossy nodded her head and swished her tail.

Chic walked a little further until he saw all the sheep
lined up up for "woolcuts".
asked his friend Sheeba.
 he answered,

All of a sudden,
he heard some flapping  behind him,
he turned,
... and there was Cliff !

They both smiled at each other,
They gave each other a short bird hug and
then, shook wings.

"How was your flight?" Chic asked.
"Long as usual," Cliff responded,
"honestly, I don't even know why I go.
Oh, and I brought you back something from Argentina."

"What is it?"
asked Chic excitedly.
"It's a special treat, I thought we could share." answered Cliff.
Cliff reached in his backpack
and pull out a very small and shiny object.
"C'mon," Cliff said, "We need to open up the wrapping."
Cliff showed his friend how to scratch on it gently to
peel off the outer foil.
Unwrapped, it appeared to be a little piece of something brown.

"You go first." said Cliff.
Chic carefully nibbled.
It was amazing !
He looked at his friend.
"Your turn."
Cliff nibbled next.

They took turns for a while.
enjoying every nibble.
This was the greatest thing either of them ever tasted.

When it was Cliff's turn, he discovered something odd.
There was now peeking, out of the middle of the treat,
a slightly different color of brown, a different taste, and ...
suddenly his beak was starting to stick together !!
He tried warning Chic ...  but it was too late.
Chic's head was down,
and his beak was brown.
Cliff stared at Chic.
Chic looked back at Cliff, wondering why he...
all of a sudden ... he figured it out.
His beak was sticking together too !

This was so funny
and so sweet.
They both fell to their backs,
feet kicking up in the air,
laughing whenever their beaks would separate.

Sheeba had just finished with her woolcut, and walked over to Bossy.
Sheeba then nodded with her head to the direction of the two birds,
 Sheeba remarked.
Bossy replied,





  {free quote}

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head.
If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart."

- Nelson Mandela

*****************************************************************************************************************March 20

Reserved: Mr. Fred Rogers

March 21

Memory Day
Common Courtesy Day
Spring Fairy Fun Day
Fragrance Day

I remember this very polite Fairy
who was always a lot of fun, and she smelled nice too.
Her name was, Fantasia.

Fantasia the Fairy

Fantasia the Fun Fairy.
Fantasia the  Fragrant, Fun Fairy.
Fantasia the Friendly, Fragrant, Fun Fairy.

I met her quite by surprise, late one evening.
I was getting ready for bed and went to close the window,
before turning out the light.
I thought I heard some singing  ... very softly.
I listened carefully and I could hear singing.
I looked down below, where I thought the music was coming from,
the flowerbed ???
I quickly and quietly  went out to the  porch.
With the porch light on, there was just enough light to see the side of the house.
I walked over to the flower bed, slowly.
The singing continued.
I could see some kind of movement within the flowers,
  and even a little pink light.  
I got down on my knees and carefully separated some flowers with my hands.
Then ...
I saw her.
A small and beautiful pink fairy.
Singing softly and rocking a flower top.
She smiled up at me, and whispered,  "hello."
"hello to you."  I whispered back.
"I've been meaning to ask you something, do you have a moment?"
she asked.   
I nodded.
She then gently "opened" up a single flower petal to reveal
a tiny little fairy sleeping inside, she then closed it back up.
 "She's sleeping."  She said, "C'mon."

She flew over the the side of the porch and I followed.
"My name's Fantasia. What's yours?"
I told her and she replied,
"It's my pleasure to meet you , and ...
I would like to give you a gift."

"What is it?" 
I asked.
"Let's dance." she said suddenly.
She floated up so she was a little above me.
She started dancing, twirling, and doing somersaults in the air!
I just stood there and watched in amazement.
When she noticed I wasn't dancing, she asked if something was wrong.
"No," I replied, " I guess I just don't feel like it."

"OK, Gift Time."

She flew in a small circles around me,
going higher and higher until she was above my head.
Next, I felt "some sprinkly stuff" land on my hair.
with a kind of "sparkly feel."

I don't know what it was,
but I know this,
I started rising ...
I mean, I started floating ...
My feet were OFF the ground.

"Let's dance."
she said.
so ... we danced.
Soon, I was the one doing somersaults  in the air!
We danced and danced.
We laughed until we were done.
We both sat down on the porch.

"I better get back to bed." 
I said sadly.
"When you do, You can still feel lighter."  She hinted,
"You'll feel lighter when you're most happy."

We thanked each other for the dances and she went back to check on her baby.
I went back upstairs, closed the window, turned off the light, and laid down in bed.

I was still very happy.
I felt like I was still floating a little bit.

{free quote}

"What is the meaning of life? 
Whatever you want it to be."

 - James Frey


March 23

 National Puppy Day
World Meteorological Day
Corn Dog Day
 National Chip and Dip Day
Near Miss Day
 OK Day

We got a new puppy !
His name is,

I thought it would be a nice idea to take Lucky out for a walk.
There is a park just down the block, so I thought we would go there.
The radio was playing the weather forecast in the other room, and
I thought for sure, it said,
"Sunny ... with a slight chance of ... volleyballs." ???

"That can't be right," I thought,

Jolly brawls?
Molly calls?
Smally squals?

Sunny ... with a chance of...what?
all in all ?  
That must have been it.
Sunny Day,  all in all."

So ... we went outside.   
It was sunny, of course,
and we took off walkin'.
 Me an' Lucky.

When we got to the park, the first thing Lucky spotted was a squirrel.
He dashed off and I was right behind,
 good thing Lucky wasn't a very fast runner, yet.
The squirrel escaped up a tree.
I also, brought this new toy, a knotted piece of rope.
Lucky loved this toy.
We played Fetch then Tug o' War,
in that order.

The park was pretty full, with "picnickers"
"volleyballers", "frolfers", and assorted kids everywhere.

"Hey Lucky!" someone shouted.
It was Michelle, our neighbor, sitting at a park table.
"Come join us. We're having a picnic."
Lucky took off, pulling me behind.
When we got there, Michelle's mom had prepared,
a bowl of water for Lucky and a corn dog with chips n' dip for me.
I sat at the corner of the table with Lucky underneath.
I ate, and in between bites, talked with Michelle.
I was about halfway through with my corn dog,
when all of a sudden ...

Some one hollered,

Down. Down. Down.
from the sky to the edge of the table...

Thump !

  a volleyball hit my plate.
The plate and food bounced up,  
and when it came back down,
Lucky was there waiting ...

Gulp. gulp. Gone.

Two volleyball kids came running over.
"Sorry,   you okay?"
"Sure," I answered, "just sharing a
little snack with my puppy."

"That was a Near Miss."
said the boy,
"Could have been worse."

The girl said to Lucky, "What a cute puppy you are.
Wait right here, I have something for you."

She ran off and came back a couple minutes later.
"Here." She said, handing Lucky a little stuffed animal doll,
 it looked like a Collie.  
"Bye Lucky!" and she ran off to her game.

Michelle & I talked a little more, then helped clean up.
We walked home together.
When we got to my house, I said goodby to Michelle,
then Lucky and I went inside.

When mom heard us, she asked,
"Did you hear the forecast earlier? ...
Sunny with a chance of Collie Dolls ?
What in the world does that mean?
anyway  ...
How was your day?"

I just smiled,

"It was an OK Day."

{free quote}

"Young people are in a condition like permanent intoxication,
 because youth is sweet and they are growing."   

 - Aristotle.

March 25

Tolkien Reading Day
 Old New Year's Day
 Vaffeldagen (Waffle Day)
 Pecan Day

Twins in Space
Episode 3.

  Molly and Danny were bored.
This was their third month out in space.
Most of the excitement was gone.
All of their duties were still there.

Danny was in his quarters on break,
reading, "Lord of the RIngs."
Molly was on the bridge,
taking readings and recording the results.
She was just thinking,
"If I were back on Earth, I would be having so much fun right now,
... instead I have to do..."

Suddenly the red lights came blinking to life!
The piercing
, Bleep  Bleep  Bleep  could be
heard everywhere on the ship.

Red Alert !

Danny jumped down off his bunk,
and ran toward the bridge.
Molly was trying to find out what was happening outside.
The scans showed it to be a "Perimeter Alert."
Something was getting closer.
Dangerously closer.
Danny burst in the door,
"What's up?" he asked.
"Perimeter Alert," Molly answered,
Somebody's coming for dinner, maybe."
"... or maybe, we're the dinner."

Danny quipped back at his sister.

"Evasive maneuvers!"
shouted Danny.
"Already on it," Molly replied, now at the helm,
 piloting the small spacecraft.
"Whatever it is, It's changed course also,
 it's still coming right toward us."

Danny stepped up to the communications area.
"Let's see who it is,"
 He then broadcast a message to the unidentified vessel.
"This is Captain Dan,  Identify yourself and state your intentions."
{Danny was not really the Captain, He was Co-Captain,
but sometimes he thought it would be better said this way]

The view screen lit up and was mainly various shades of purple.
A small head popped up from down somewhere below.
The twins thought they were looking at a squirrel.
Two friendly black eyes and a furry face.
Molly thought she was kinda' cute.

"Greetings, I come in peace,

My name is Captain MJ-DD
when I saw your ship,
I just thought I'd swing by and communicate with you.
It gets boring up here, sometimes "

"Don't I know it," 
thought Molly.

"Also, Today is a holiday for me,
the OLD/NEW Day,
and I was trying to make it special
Do you have any ideas?"

"Hmmm. Yes, I do. I'll be right back."
Danny went to the galley where the foodstuffs were stored.
He grabbed a bowl, a big spoon, and a box out of the cupboards.
He found the waffle iron in a cabinet below.
Soon he had "whipped up" a half a dozen waffles.
He was just putting them in a transport container,
when his sister came in.

"Whateya' got?"
Molly asked.
"Waffles," Dan answered, "with a little butter and syrup."
"Really, Danny?  Waffles?" Molly asked with her hands on her hips.
"Hey,"  Danny replied, "I like 'em and they're good!"
"Okay," she admitted, "Just one more thing..."
She reached into another drawer and pulled a a small package.
She opened it and sprinkled  some pecans on top of the waffles,

she exclaimed.  "MJ-DD will love these. Send 'em."

Danny closed the container up, and put it in "the chute" for delivery.

They both went back to the communication area.

"You should be receiving a package soon, MJ-DD."
Captain Dan said.

"Just got it."
replied  the furry-faced Captain.
"Thank you very much. I won't forget your kindness."

and with that,
Captain MJ-DD, her spaceship, and the waffles were gone.

"I'm going back to my book."
smiled Dan,
"It's a "hobbit" of mine."

Molly just groaned.

{free quote}

"Not all who wander are lost."

- J. R. R. Tolkien

 March 27

National "Joe" Day
Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day


Little Kenny was out walking.
A couple of girls were bicycling by.
Kenny waved at them, but as they biked by,
 they threw something at him.
"Happy Holi!" they shouted.
He thought they were water balloons, but it was paint!

Splat!    splat!
Next he knew, One of his legs was bright Orange
and the other was lime Green.
This is "not good" he thought.
... It was about to get worse.
He saw those same girls turn around,
and started coming right at him!
He ran.
He saw a building up ahead with the door open.
If only ...

Splat!    splat!
They got his arms,
 Left arm: hot Pink!   Right arm: deep Purple.

He made it to the building and ducked inside.
It seemed like a party going on.
People, Music & Fun.
"Hello, Joe." someone said as they passed by.
"Hi Joe." said someone else.
"They must think I'm someone named, Joe."  Kenny thought.

Next he heard a guitar, and all the people got quiet,
Kenny looked and saw a stage up towards the front.
He saw a young man standing up with a microphone.

"Hello Joe." he shouted.
Kenny saw him looking straight at him.
"Hello Joe!"  the crowd shouted back.
"What?"   thought Kenny,   "Is everyone here named, "Joe?"

The man ... Joe.,  started,
"This next here song, is called,"
"I sure do miss him."

and he started singin',

"I'm sittin' alone,
Jes' in a fog,
My girl done left me,
and took my dawg."

He kept on singing, then a young lady came up to Kenny and said,
 "You must be new here, let me introduce you to some Joe's."

She introduced Kenny to, Joe Blow, a rather large person.
then he also met, Joe Lunchbox and Lucky Joe.
They were playing cards and drinking coffee.
A soldier in uniform marched by, the young lady whispered,
"G.I. Joe."
Next, Kenny spotted a familiar small beagle leaned up in a corner,
 wearing sunglasses.
"hmmm..." thought Kenny, "I know him."

Joe, the singer, finished his song, and started another,

"My pony is a little hard to understand
he's a little hoarse ... of course."

Kenny thought it was time to leave, to go home and shower.
As he was walking home, he saw the two girls on bikes.
Both of them were covered with paint.

"Happy Holi, Joe's!" 
he shouted.
"Happy Holi, Joe!"  they shouted back.

{free quote}

"We are all here for a spell, get all the good laughs you can.

- Will Rogers


 March 29

 National Mom & Pop Business Owner's Day
Festival Of Smoke and Mirrors Day
 Knights of Columbus Founders Day  

Mom & Pop's Magic Shop

Come on in.

My Mom and Pop have a magic shop.
What would you like to see?
Card tricks?    Coin tricks?   or ...
Who would you like to be?

A ventriloquist ... maybe?
with a friend on your knee?

"Hey, Are you talkin' to me?

Perhaps an escape artist? ...
Come with me and step right here.
Inside this Big Tall Box ..

&  Poof !

we have just disappeared!


and ... where do we go
when we disappear?
To Magic Land
I think we are here.

We'll open this door
and where are we now?
We'll ask that white rabbit,
& he said ... "Meow."
We'll ask the chicken,
We'll ask the duck,
The chicken said, "Quack."
The duck said, "Cluck."

The animals aren't helping,
but it's really not tragic.
We can do what we want,
'Cause we got the magic.'

"Abra-Ca-Dab-Bra  &   Ala-Ka-Zam !

Show me the Magic of Magic Land!"

... and what happens next
is really,  up to you.
You can make your own movie,
or make your own zoo.

What would you do
in your Magic Land?
You could be a shining Knight,
or have your own band.

You could sail with Columbus,
or with the birds in the sky.
That could be, the very best,
You have always wanted to fly.

Anything you want to do
in Magic Land is fine.
You just need the secret, so ...
you can go there anytime.

To return to Magic Land,
is not as hard as it seems.
You can always find it easily
right in your very own dreams.


{free quote}

  "We are the makers of dreams,  the dreamers of dreams."
- Wilie Wonka



  March 31

Bunsen Burner Day
National "She's Funny That Way" Day
National Clams On The Half Shell Day


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