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July 6

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July 7


National Macaroni Day

National Strawberry Sundae Day

Chocolate Day

Tell the Truth Day

Father-Daughter Take a Walk Together Day

Global Forgiveness Day


Feisty's Secret


Little Timmy woke from his nap,

He went to the fridge and got out

a leftover bowl of mac n cheese.

This was all part of the plan.

He put the m&c into the zapper.

He got a spoon and waited for the “ding.”


He ate the macaroni, put the bowl in the sink,

got out another bowl and went straight to the freezer.

He got out the ice cream and the strawberries.

He made a delicious looking sundae, then

went back to the fridge and grabbed the chocolate syrup.

With artistic flair, Tim wrote his name on top of the sundae.

It was a beautiful thing.


Next, Tim was going out on a hike.

He loved hiking, and he always took his dog, Feisty.

After crossing a second hill, Tim noticed something,

something shiny, reflecting the sunshine.

Then he saw them.

Two of them.

One big.   One small.

They appeared to be walking away from the shiny object.


Feisty lept into action, with a, “Bark! Bark!” 

and a mad dash, with

young Tim right behind.


“Feisty ! Stop ! Come back here!”


Feisty was fast, very fast.

But, soon Tim had caught up with her and

the  two “visitors”.

Tim held on to Feisty’s collar and petted her to calm her down.


He looked up and saw the visitors looking down at him.

“Sorry.” He said, “Feisty is …

…well, she’s just Feisty, that’s all.”


“I believe that to be the truth.” Spoke the tall shiny “man”.


“Allow me to introduce ourselves,” he said.

“My name is Blip and this is my daughter, Bleep.”


“A short time ago, we were having a disagreement,

And I decided it would be a good idea to land here.

And get out and take a walk,

and talk.”


“There’s a very nice place just around down by the creek.

There’s flowers and some frogs.” Tim offered.


Tim went ahead, walking around, exploring a bit,

and found himself picking some really beautiful flowers.


He looked at them, bunched together, and went over to Bleep.

 “Here.” he said handing her the flowers.


She looked at Tim curiously and left to go sit next to Feisty.

Her Dad came over to sit next to Feisty also.

They appeared to be talking with each other and his dog,

but, ignoring him.


When they were finished talking,

Blip came over to Tim and said,



“You have shown us that we may both be a little “Feisty” too.

We have forgiven one another.

It is time for us to go.  Thank you.”

Tim watched them disappear behind the shiny object, and

In two seconds were gone.


He and Feisty started walking home and the next thing he knew …

He was waking up from his nap.  … ?


What ?

{Was it just a dream?  No. it couldn’t be}


He ran to the fridge,

the bowl of mac and cheese was gone   !?!

{maybe it wasn’t…}


“Smack ~ Smack”

There in the corner was Feisty pushing around a bowl,

that used to have mac n cheese in it, with her nose.


He grabbed the ice cream and strawberries and chocolate,

and made "another" sundae.

Just as he was about to take the first bite,

he noticed something unusual ...


“Come here Feisty.” Tim said.

What he saw wrapped around her collar was just amazing.


Some really beautiful flowers!

Feisty winked at Tim, then walked away.






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“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

-          Aesop,   The Lion and the Mouse


July 15



National Personal Chef's Day

National Tapioca Pudding Day    

Gummi Worm Day     

I Love Horses Day

Winnie-the-Pooh Day

Cow Appreciation Day




My personal Chef, otherwise known,

As my “Dad”, was in the kitchen.

He saw me and said,

“Hey! Sit down, I gotta’ treat for you.”

I sat.

He walked over with a bowl and a smile.

“Here …”  he said,  “special treat, special day.”

He reached in his apron, and pulled out a spoon and a napkin.



It was good.

Kinda’ like pudding.

  Then … Something weird happened.

There was something else at the bottom of the bowl.

Something red and blue ???

I fished it out from my bowl.

“What ?!  A Gummy worm ?”

I looked at my … Chef.

He was walking away, laughing.

I finished the tapioca and the worm,

and went outside.


I headed toward the pasture to see my pony.

I call her Winnie, Winnie-the-Poony.


She was already trotting over to the fence.

“Good morning, Winnie.”  I hollered to her.

She walked up with her head hanging down.

  I patted her on her head, and asked,

“And … how are you this fine morning?”


“Sore throat.” Winnie whispered.


I was concerned.  I stared at her.


“You know,” Winnie said quietly …

“I’m a little hoarse.”


With that, she trotted away.

I am quite sure I heard some laughing.


I walked over to another pasture,

where some cows were grazing.


I have come to appreciate cows.

They don’t try to joke with you.

I spotted one who had taken an interest in me, and looked up.


“And … how are you this fine morning?” I asked.


She looked at me for a long time and then said,




What were  you  expecting ?

...  Cows can’t talk.



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"People say nothing is impossible,
 but I do nothing every day.”

  ― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh


July 22


Casual Pi Day

Pied Piper of Hamelin Day

Penuche Fudge Day

Summer Leisure Day

Spoonerism Day




Elias was digging through his toy box.

He was looking for something to play with.

When he noticed something blue.

He reached in, and pulled out a harmonica!

“I haven't seen this before.” Elias thought.


He looked it over carefully,

There were two rows of holes, 32 holes all together.

He started blowing into the harmonica and was surprised,

That some music was coming out the other side of it.

This was fun!


His mom came into the room and said,

“Elias, Here’s a piece of fudge,

Will you go outside and play? and

Be careful to keep your harmonica, ’fudge–free.’”


“I will.”
He promised and then put the fudge in his pocket.


Elias went out to his backyard and
sat under the apple tree.

He practiced his music some more,
then he heard a bird chirping away.

He looked up and saw a small robin,

 sitting in a branch, right above him.


“Hello there.” Elias said.

“What’s your name?”


The small robin did not answer,

But just looked at Elias and then to his harmonica.

"Do you like my music?" Elias asked.

The bird chirped back.

"You do? Okay."

Elias continued playing while the robin

chirped along with him.

Soon, Elias spotted two tiny mice.

They seemed to be dancing along with his music.

Elias continued playing, while

reaching in his pocket and breaking off

a small crumb of the fudge.

He gently tossed it to his new friends.

They went over to the fudge,

sniffed then nibbled.

Next, they moved a little closer and

spoke to Elias.

"Yank thou, that was gery vood."

Elias was not surprised to hear the mice talk.

He just replied, "You're welcome."

So, Young Elias continued sitting

under the tree, playing music while

his new friends chirped and danced along.

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