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January 1.  Z Day

January 2.  Singing to my Cat

January 3.  Sleep?  Not me

January 4.  Heavy Spoons

January 5.  A Clown Party ?

January 6.  Human Beans 

January 7.  The MacKenzie Report

January 8.  The Nite the JoyGerm Came

January 9.  Look UppP & Look Down

January 10.  OdD fOlKs

January 11.  Step in a Puddle

January 12.  Ooog's Cave of Wonders

January 13.  The Land o' Dreams 

January 14.  A Nite Out of the Zoo

January 15.  just nothin'

January 16.  Dougie the Dragon

January 17. a  "Time Machine"

January 18.

January 19.  Positive Potion

January 20.  Dawning of the Age

January 21.  Zug's Hugs

January 22.  Celebrate !

January 23. 

January 24.  Opposite Day

January 25. 

January 26.  Twins in Space

January 27.  Down the Rabbit Hole

January 28.  Sharp as a Whip

January 29.  Ever Wonder ?

January 30.  Escape Day

January 31.  What's Next ?


                                             January 1                                           

New Year’s Day
First Foot Day

Z Day

World Day of Peace
Polar Bear Plunge Day


I was just sitting at home,
by myself,
waiting for the New Year.
It was quite quiet, actually ...
That was about to change.

First, I heard some solitary chirping
coming from outside my window.

I peeked out ...

A cricket.

A cricket?

Wearing a Tuxedo
and a Top Hat ?

I opened the window, carefully &
that cricket quickly hopped right in.
He removed his top hat with a certain smoothness,
then looked me square in the eye ...
and, while bowing from the waist,
he spoke to me.

"Good evening.
My name is, 'Zeke.'
  and I ...
am here to celebrate ... 

with you!"

That made me smile.

"Thank you, Zeke." I replied.

"My friends call me, 'Z.'"

"Do you enjoy music?" He asked,
"I wrote a special birthday song for me,
would you like to hear it?"

"Is this your birthday, Z?" I asked.

"It will be very soon," he answered,
"That's not the only reason tomorrow is special.
It is also "Z" Day and First Foot Day."

"What's that?" I wondered out loud.

"Do you know your, A B C 's?"  Zeke asked me.

"Of course." said I.

"Do you know your "Z Y X 's" ?

I answered, "uh   ...   no?"

I was a little unsure of just what

he was talking about, now.

"I'll need a little help with my song,
and it just-so happens ... I have a few
friends waiting outside,
do you mind?"

I blinked, and heard myself say,

"Oh no. I don't mind."

Z turned back toward the window

and hollered out,

"Okay everybody!  The party's in here!"

Soon, there were crickets

and more crickets hopping around inside.

They were all dressed up in tiny black tuxedos,

seemed very polite and each was carrying

a different instrument.

Trumpets, guitars, drums,
saxophones, french horns, clarinets,
you name it ...

a cricket was bringing it in.

There were four crickets, each one

on a corner, lifting a very small-grand piano !

"An entire orchestra ? ... hmmm."

"Okay, everyone. Let's get ready!"

Zeke shouted.

The entire room went silent.

"Listen carefully."  Zeke instructed.
His voice, now softened as
he turned to his orchestra,
and started his "beat."

His small conducting baton
tapped out a steady rhythm.

"Zithers ... You & Xylophones,

& Whistles, 

Vamoose UppP Top.

Saxophones, Recorders - 

Quickly Please ... 

Or  Not.

Make Like Krazy !
Just In Hazy.
Grab Fiddles,
Extra Diddles ...

Creating, "Backwards Alphabets !"


I can't exactly describe the type of music it was,

but Zeke was conducting

and singing and dancing along.
He seemed very happy.

The music was perfectly blended,

The crickets, all, played beautifully.

and it sounded both ... upbeat and relaxing.

When the song was over,

I moved closer to Z and asked him,

"Why did you ask me if I knew my Z Y X's ?"

He smiled back at me, as he said ...

"Because,  just maybe now,
if you were listening carefully ...

you might."

He then winked at me, turned and

 started packing up his "conducting baton."

His friends were already at the windows' ledge.
As they saw Zeke approaching, they quickly
got into a straight line formation by the window's edge.
Zeke hopped over to the "middle front,"
looked at his friends,
nodded to them,
then spun around,
facing me.

With about 100 little cricket synchronized bows,
Zeke next
hopped a half a step forward and said,

 "Thank you for your fine hospitality. 

You have been a wonderful audience,

we all wish you the very best !

and remember ...  the extra diddles."

Zeke's friends, then turned and started leaving,
joking and laughing and singing along the way out.

Zeke stayed a bit longer.

He looked at his watch.
Stood at attention and
with his little cricket fingers
made for me,

the "Peace sign."

 and then
hopped out
into the Nite.

It sure was quiet all of a sudden.
then, I remembered ...

I ran over to the window,
and loudly whispered into the

"Happy Birthday,  Z."

{free quote}

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Albert Einstein
Read more at: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/a/alberteins121993.html?src=t_thinking
We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
Read more at: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/a/alberteins121993.html?src=t_thinking
We cannot solve our problems
with the same thinking
we used
when we created them."

- Albert Einstein
We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Albert Einstein
Read more at: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/a/alberteins121993.html?src=t_thinking

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Albert Einstein
Read more at: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/a/alberteins121993.html?src=t_thinking


January 2

Science Fiction Day
Black & Whites Carnival
Swiss Cheese Day
Boo Boo's Birthday
Happy Mew Year for Cats Day
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Day

Singing to My Cat

  • "Happy Mew Year to you.
  • Happy Mew Year to you."
I am singing to my cat.
His name is Isaac.

"Happy Mew Year to you.
Nanu Nanu."

He likes to watch TV with me.
Do you know a cat who watches TV?

"Happy Mew Year to you.
May the Force, be with you."

Some cats love to watch,
Others, do not.

"Happy Mew Year to you.
Do you want some lobster?
Can you put your paws like this?
"Live long and prosper!"

Some cats like my singing.
Others, do not.

"Happy Mew Year to you.
Do you know what a Nite Owl is?
Maybe you are one, & remember ...
Always know where your towel is."

I'm starting to think, Isaac ,
does not like my singing.

"Happy Mew Year to you.
Why are you on all fours?
Are you wanting to go outside?
Open the Pod Bay doors."

Isaac looks as if I'm boring him.
I'll turn on the TV.
He loves TV.

"Happy Mew Year to you.
Would you like a drink?
Okay, Stay here and remember ...
Don't blink!"

I came back with his water.
He is not here.

"Happy Mew Year to me.
Where is Isaac?"

" I don't know,
maybe on a U.F.O."

"Make it so."

Isaac, it turned out,
was hiding around the corner.
He did a little cat sigh, then reached his paw up,
tapped a secret button on his collar ... 

{chirp chirp}

Isaac meowed,

"Beam me UppP."

{free quote}

"The most exciting phrase to hear in science,
the one that heralds in new discoveries,
is not
'That's funny ...' 

- Isaac Asimov


January 3



Memento Mori Day

Festival of Sleep Day

Drinking Straw Day

J.R.R Tolkien Day

National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

Women Rock Day

Fruitcake Toss Day


Sleep?  Not me.




“Nita … Time for bed.”


“Already?  I’m not even tired.” Nita replied.


“Get to bed, tomorrow’s a big day.” Her mom stated.


Nita trudged toward the staircase,

and started the long climb up to her room.


“Sleep … Sch-meep.” She would say.

Each left foot forward was: “Sleep”,

Each right foot forward was a: “Sch-meep”.


She “Sleep  Sch-meep ‘d” all the way to her room.

When she got inside, she closed the door behind her

and collapsed on her bed.


She laid there, with her face buried in her pillow,

for a minute or two, then turned over and stared at the ceiling.


“Sleep Sch-meep.” Nita would say.

“Who wants to sleep?"


"I’d rather go,  Beep Beep!

down the street

in a cheap

jeep …

than go to sleep.”


Nita smiled at her little rhyme.
She thought she might try again.


“Sleep Sch-meep.

Who wants to sleep?"


"I’d rather go leap

at Bo-Peep

while she counts her sheep,

than go to sleep.”


Nita pulled up the blankets until they were

snugly all around her.



 “Sleep Sch-meep.

Who wants to sleep?"


"I’d rather go deep, deep

in a blanket heap

than go to sleep.”


Nita yawned just a little.


“Sleep Sch-meep.

Who wants to sleep?

I might just go sweep

up some dreams to keep.”


 "Sleep Sch-meep.

Who wants to  

_ _ _ _ _ ?"





{free quote}

 "You're never too old,

too wacky, too wild,

to pick up a book and

read to a child."

-  Dr. Seuss


 January 4

Trivia Day
Free Flower Basket Day
Tennis Day
World Hypnotism Day 
Roller Skates Day
Spaghetti Day
Pharmacist Day
Bicycle Around the World Day

Heavy Spoons

In a far-away village, in a far-away land,
lived a purple tribe of people.
They were very nice and living peacefully.

One day, a strange visitor came riding uppP, 
on a bicycle, painted green and bright white,
to the exact center of th
eir village.
He got off his bike, and put down the kickstand. 
He looked a little odd because,
He was green.
His eyes were bright white and seemed to captivate attention.

He walked up to the first villager he saw,
and introduced himself as "Mesmo."
Mesmo spoke to the purple man in whispers ...
then would "nod" to him, and walk away,
and go talk with someone else.
He went throughout the entire village until
he had spoken with all the men and women.

The children, were all too busy playing a game called, "Trivia."
Some others kids were playing tennis
or making flower baskets.

Soon, it was nap time for the kids.
Everyone went home to rest, 
even  the adults.

Within minutes the entire tribe was asleep.

Later ... that same day ...
everyone awoke at the same time.
That was odd.

No one seemed to remember that stranger,
who was now . . .

nowhere in sight.

So, each of the tribe went back to his or her usual activity,
as if everything was "normal."

They would soon discover ...
That "normal" would go missing for a while.

Later that same evening, when they were all getting ready
for "mealtime," something strange happened.

Someone dropped a spoon   ... Plunk.
then someone else dropped their spoon  ...  Plunk.
then another spoon dropped, then another ... Plunk Plunk
Soon everyone's spoon was on the floor ...
Pa lunka  lunka  lunka  lunka    ...   plunk !

The tribe just stared at one another.
That was odd.
but, it was to get, "odder" yet.
As they bent down to pick up their spoons ...
they found it was "Impossible."

The spoons were now, as heavy as a huge rock !
and yet, try as they did,
no man, nor woman was able to lift a spoon,
no matter how big or strong they might be.

so ... the spoons just stayed there, on the floor,
with everyone staring at them.


they heard a sound in the distance,

It sounded like an old bicycle comin' closer.

and suddenly an old green man
got off that bike and
was walking toward them.
He looked familiar, to them, somehow.
They weren't quite sure.

He said his name was "Mesmo,"
he was very hungry,
and might he share a meal with them?

They quickly dished him up a plate of spaghetti,

and ...

stared back at the spoons ...
left there on the floor.

{free quote}

"When we fall asleep,
we withdraw our awareness
from its hypnotic fascination
with physical sensation,
thereby enabling us to listen
with our now awakening
 sixth sense."

- Henry Reed


When we fall asleep, we withdraw our awareness from its hypnotic fascination with physical sensation, thereby enabling us to listen with our now awakening sixth sense. Henry Reed
Read more at: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/keywords/hypnotic.html


January 5

Bird Day
FM Radio Day
Bozo the Clown Day
Second-Hand Wardrobe Day

A Clown Party ?

I was tuning in my favorite radio station,
when I heard them announce:

"Today is Bozo the Clown's Birthday &
He's 17 zillion years old! &
We're having a Clown Party ...
A Birthday Party &
Everyone is invited!"

I was so excited.
I ... L.T.C !
(Love To Celebrate !)
I was going to dress uppP
like a clown.

I quickly check my closet ...
hmmm, nothing here.
I decide to walk over to a  nearby

Second-Hand store.
I found some old clowny clothes,and
and some white face make-uppP,
and a red, clown nose. 
The kind with a rubber band on it.
Then ... I found "something strange."

It was red,
like little marbles all stuck together.

They were flexible 
and could be shaped.
I thought I could use them as a wig.

I applied my face make-uppP &
smiled when I put on my red nose

and the crazy wig.

I looked in a mirror.
Wow! ...


 I was Ready.   

To Celebrate ...

 Clown Style!

I went outside.
It was bright out.
But then, in the sunlight,
something strange happened.

All the shiny red marbles started separating.
They started humming and acting weird.
They simply were not sticking together!
Then, they started "floating around!"

Soon they were circling my head!!!

That was, "weird-er."

Suddenly they flashed a little red light at me.

Then I blinked.

Then I remembered ...

I was tuning in my favorite radio station ...

J.K.    . . .

; - )

{free quote}

"Discovery consists of seeing
what everybody has seen,
and thinking
 what nobody has thought."

- Albert Szent-Gyorgyi


January 6

Bean Day
Apple Tree Day

Sherlock Holmes'  Birthday
Cuddle Up Day
  Shortbread Day

 Human Beans ?


Once upon a time …

There was a family of Giants.

Very Large Giants.


One day Father Giant decided he would make a pot of beans.

You see … Father Giant loves beans.


He put on his giant black apron,

and then, some music on the giant radio,


He called for his youngest son,

“Austin! Come help your Dad with some beans.”


Austin was busy wrestling with his older brother.

“Okay Dad, be right there.” He hollered back.

Austin easily slipped through his brother’s grasp,

and ran to the kitchen.

“I’m here!” he announced.


“Just in time,” his Dad said,

”Are you ready?”


“For what?” Austin asked.


“You know … Our song.”


Austin didn’t know they had a song.


His Dad started …



“Beans, beans

the musical fruit.

The more you eat

the more you “toot.”


The more you toot

the more you sing,

Ohhhh … I love beans better

than any ol’ thing.”


Austin was laughing and soon was singing along.



When they were done singing and laughing,

Dad Giant grabbed a package of mixed beans

from out of the cupboard, and spread them out on the table.

Austin was watching carefully.

There were all kinds, colors, shapes and sizes of beans.


He was amazed.

They were all the same,

because they were all beans.

And … they were all different, too.


His Dad turned away to get the water ready. 

Austin stared at the beans closely.


All of a sudden, he noticed something very strange.

He could see the beans begin moving!

Then, they started running and rolling away!


Austin just watch them go,

going,  going,  annddd   Gone!


“That was strange,” Austin thought.


His Dad turned around and looked at the empty table.

Next,  he looked at Austin.


Austin spoke up,

“Maybe we could make corn on the cob instead.”

His Dad looked at his son and smiled.

“That’s a great idea,” he replied, "but ...

we’ll have to come up with another song.”


{free quote}

“Life isn't about finding yourself.

Life is about creating yourself.”

 George Bernard Shaw

January 7

Organize Your Home Day
Harlem Globetrotter's Day
Old Rock Day
I'm Not Going to Take it Anymore Day

The MacKenzie Report.

"Okay, here's what happened:
I was in one of those, 'Let's do this!'  kinda' mood... &
I had just finished cleaning & organizing my room.
Mannnn. It looked so sweet and shiny.
I even cleaned out my closet!"

I was just admiring my work ...
when all of a sudden, 

 the front door burst opens,
and the Amazing Harlem Globetrotters
came dribbling in."

Are you kidding me?!"

 "An entire basketball team?!
The were passing and zipping those balls around,
I thought I heard some music."

{It's, "Sweet Georgia Brown" if you
want to hum or whistle along.}

"I'm unsure how the next thing started,
somehow, more people showed uppP.
It got very crowded,
and it got very messy."

"I think those people wanted to come
on in, closer to the inside,
but, each time they tried,
a basketball zipped by their head."

"What the heck?"

"This was causing quite a commotion,
and now, things were not quite as organized,
as they were,
just a short time ago."

"Those basketballs:  Everywhere.
Those brand new messes:  Everywhere.
My nice cleaned up room: Nowhere !!!"

"RRRRRRRRRRRR!" screamed,

"I'm not going to take it, anymore!!!!"

uh ... Thank you, MacKenzie.

...  the end, I guess .

that's her report.

"Good Nite Everyone."

&   a little "S.G.B." to take us out.

{free quote}

"I've had all I can stand,
& I can't stands no more."

- Popeye,
the Sailor


January 8


Bubble Bath Day

Rock & Roll Day

Earth's Rotation Day

JoyGerm Day



The Nite the JoyGerm Came


Everyone was sleeping.

Well … not everyone.


It came quietly and softly,

like snowflakes.

No one knew …

no one even suspected what it was.


Meanwhile,  across town …


Aaron Alexander,

The world famous scientist, was …

sitting in his tub.

He was listening to some Elvis music,

when he got the call:

"Please report to Science Lab immediately!

Code One ."


He quickly got ready

and dashed to the lab.

His associates had already collected

samples of the tiny, sparkly flakes.


Scientist Aaron Alexander put on his lab coat,

and was ready to conduct experiments,

and tests to determine exactly

what this strange stuff was.


He used microscopes, test tubes,

brightly colored chemicals, and

even interviewed anyone who

had been in contact with

these mysterious, glittery flakes.


Oddly enough,

all the people he spoke with, were …

somehow different, now.

The scientist was very curious about this,

and worked throughout the nite.

By morning

he was satisfied with his answers.


Just then,

a news crew burst into the lab,

carrying cameras and microphones.


“Scientist Aaron Alexander,

What can you tell us?”

asked a young reporter, named Katy.


“It is simply a JoyGerm,” Aaron answered,

“that seems to be spreading everywhere.”


“How? Exactly?” asked Katy.


The scientist began,

“Good question with an interesting answer.

It’s not by sneezing, or coughing,

or crying or complaining.

It spreads … simply by smiling, and

this JoyGerm makes you smile.

But there’s more …

people are reporting feelings of:

Joy, silliness, humor, good cheer,

kindness, courtesy, sacredness and harmony.”


“Problems seem workable,

disagreements fade away,

sadness is overcome.

People are much happier.” 


“Thank you for your report.” Katy said.


“You’re welcome.” Aaron replied.

  “Good morning, everyone.”

He stopped talking,

looked directly at the camera,


_ _ _ _ _ _ .



{free quote}


“What we should look for

is honest love and appreciation

for what we have."

- Vino Malone



January 9

Static Electricity Day
Play God Day
Word Nerd Day
Aviation in America Day
Balloon Ascension Day
  Apricot Day

The Two-Parter

Part Z:

Now.  I found myself in an old tri-plane.

Flying ?
UppP in the clouds!
How did I get up here?
I looked for some gauges.
There aren't any.
No gauges?

A steering wheel ?!?!
On a plane?
That's it?

oh well ...
It is a beautiful day.
I can see birds down below,
and clouds, both
above and below me.
I found a fresh apricot on the seat next to me.
I take a bite.

Why, there's a couple of balloons floating by.
It sure is nice up here.
Been a long time since I had fresh fruit.

I wave and smile to the balloons.
It looks like they are dancing.

Next ...

Part Y:  [2]

You are a balloon.
What color you are, is up to you.
You also have a length of ribbon,
tied to your knot.
You can float.

(which is enjoyable.)

You can go UppP &
you can sink lower, too
if you want.

Maybe an adventure would be fun.

You start going up.
higher and higher,
just floating in the breeze.

You then see some other balloons
floating up by the clouds.

"Hello." You hear someone say.
It's a pink balloon.

"Hi." you say back to her.

"I haven't seen you before,
are you new?"
she asked.

"Well, this is my first time, here." I answered.

Two birds soar peacefully, nearby.

"Do you know about, static electricity?" she asked.

"Sure I do." I pretended to know.

"It might be a good idea, to stick together."
she offered.

She moved closer.
We both could feel an attraction.
We, now, together, 
floated, drifted and sailed upwards.

When we were way up,
we noticed a strange vehicle flying by.
It seemed to be moving slowly.

The person inside, waved to us.

We spun around happily, in reply.

We would spin, wildly.
& laugh and laugh.

and ... now

I'm back being the pilot of the tri-plane,
still waving ...

at us?

{free quote}

"The world is but a canvas
to our imagination."

- Henry David Thoreau


January 10

Peculiar People Day
Cut Your Energy Costs

Crazy Carl came running down the hill.
He said he wanted to warn everybody.
He had just seen one of them~there 'strangers!'

Sure, There had been rumors.
That  ... at the top of the hill, right behind
our friendly, little town.
There may be trouble!
and here was our good friend, Carl
who said this ...

"I was out walking my cat,

 and were got pretty close 
to the top of the hill,
when I thought I saw a "stranger."
I then quickly hid behind a tree,
next chance I peaked ...
I couldn't see him!
Then I did.
There he was,


I came running back here to, 'safety.'
To give everyone, my report."

"Thank you, Carl."  someone said.

"Everybody inside!" someone else said.
Somehow, a crowd had gathered.

  Next, a guy named Billie-Bob spoke up,
"I've seen, what he seen, 
and when I got closer, I could smell,
that he was "bad." 
He looked mighty suspicious, too.
I only saw the one guy."

"There's probably more."

The crowd started to shift, nervously.

Then a "mother" suddenly cried out,
"The children!
Where are the children?"

Everyone looked at someone else.
Oh, where could they be?

They're back outside. ?!

They're climbing uppP the hill.
All the mothers started hollering for their children
to come back down.

They don't seem to hear.

They are having way too much fun,
singing and dancing and
playing with, their new "friends,"

in the giant crazy mirror on top of the hill.


{free quote}

"There are no strangers here,
only friends you haven't met, yet."

- William Butler Yeats

January 11

Secret Pal Day 
Thank You Day
Step in a Puddle & Splash Your Friends Day
Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day

My Secret Pal

One day, I was just walking along,
in the park,
minding my own business ...
When along "floating by" comes a tiny alien spaceship !
 It was kinda' small, and very shiny,
about the size of a coffee cup.

It was flying and spinning around me,
as I continued walking.

"Good morning, how are you ?"
the little ship asked.

"Fine," I replied, "and you ?"

"Doing good, just looking around, at this park."
the tiny little cup shaped alien ship replied.

"Yeah, me too," I said,
"I was going to rest a bit here on this bench."

I sat down, but the little ship stayed precisely
where it was, hovering, and then asked,
"May I join you ?"

I replied, wondering.
Soon, the spinning part of the tiny ship
slowed down, and I thought to myself,
"It does look like a coffee cup !" 

It gently landed beside me,
quiet, for just a minute, then said,
"Feels nice, not to be spinning, for a change."

"I would imagine."  I thought.

Just about then, my friend Natalie comes jogging
over to our bench, with her dog,
Natalie, Jr.
Yes, I know, I thought it was a strange name too.
I was considering how to handle the introductions ...
but before I could say anything,

Natalie says, "May  I ?"
She grabs the "shiny coffee cup"
and fills it with water from her water bottle,
and sets it down, in front of Natalie Jr.

you know how dogs are.
Enthusiastic drinkers !
I found myself staring in utter disbelief !
This lasted exactly four seconds, which was the same
amount of time, that it took Natalie Jr. to finish
and for Natalie to hand me back the "cup."

"Thanks !" she hollered as she jogged, out of sight.

I carefully set the alien spaceship down on the bench, and asked,
"Are you alright ?" not sure what to expect.

Slowly, it started to rise off the bench,
Some little holes "opened"  and then,
it started spinning.
Water went everywhere !
Not a lot, but still everywhere.
I sure got wet.

It was kinda funny.
When my new friend landed back down,
he was laughing.
"Looks like I wasn't the only one who got wet."

I laughed with him.
"My name is Dr. UppP." I said.
"Thank you for stopping by."

The little ship then said,
"You're welcome
and, Thank you, for taking the time 
to talk with me.
You've been most polite."
My name is, "Pal."

Then he surprisingly, and simply, said,

and flew straight uppP...
until he disappeared in the sky.

"I think I'll keep this "Pal" a secret."
I thought,
and continued on my walk.

{free quote}

"I believe alien life is quite common
in the universe, although
intelligent life is less so.
Some say it is yet to appear
on planet Earth."

- Stephen Hawking

_ . _ _   _ _ _   . . _   . _ .

_ .   . _   _ _   .


*******************************************************************************************January 12

Fabulous Wild Men Day
Handwriting Day
Pharmacist Day
Marzipan Day

Ooog's Cave of Wonders

Tonite, we go back,

Way back,

to what we might call, 

Earliest Time Era.

We observe a quiet planet
in a very early developmental  stage.

Monitors are picking up something unusual.

We are zooming in with video.
Mountainous area,
also some hills and 
what appears to be a series of caves.
There seems to be quite some commotion
going on, in one of those caves.
Okay, I believe, we now have this live.

There appears to be some, lifeforms.
We're continuing to learn their communications.
It seems quite simple,
and somehow, familiar.

From what we've learned, so far,

This one particular cave belongs to "Ooog".

Everyone, who is here, is here, 
because Ooog had invited them over.
But, not for the usual, stomp dancing
and friendly-growling.
Instead ... something,   "special."

There is: Ooog, of course, and
Dooog and Blooog
and Shmooog and Flooog.

There is a fire, 
what looks like, food and drink.

Ooog goes over to a corner of his cave.
He returns carrying two handfuls
of flat rocks. 
His guests watch him closely.
He unloads his treasure and
lays them out on the floor.
He then grabs one of the rocks,
grunts loudly, and take this rock and  
carefully scrapes it across the wall.
It made a sharp noise,
and... it also made a mark!

That wasn't there before.

Then Ooog did it again.
and again!

Now, there were three lines, 
each line going in a different direction,
and ... they all connected.

What an interesting shape!


Ooog grunted, 

and pointed to himself,
beat on his chest, and smiled.

His friends looked at him with curiosity.
Ooog came back closer, grabbed the rocks,
and gave one to each of his friends.
then he grunts and gestures that they go to
another area of the wall,

to make their own mark !

They all get to their feet,
  Take their rocks 
in their hands,
go next to that cave wall area ...

and ...

What !?

Well ... 
It looks like our "time"
is almost up.

Be sure to join us
next time,
When we'll try to make contact with Ooog...
and the others;
Dooog, Blooog,  Shmooog,
and who could forget

We might just peak in on them again,
and see what they're uppP to.

{free quote}

"A people without the knowledge
of their past history, origin and
culture is like a tree without roots."

-Marcus Garvey


January 13

Rubber Duckie Day
Make Your Dreams Come True Day

Charlie was a rubber duckie.
He was mostly yellow and made out of rubber.
What was special about Charlie was,
while he couldn't move by himself,
he was a  careful listener and a willing learner.

One time when he was just 
sitting on the shelf, in the bathroom,
when he heard something 
from the other room.

On the other side of the wall, it sounded like the radio was, "on,"

and someone was talking about, something called
"Lucid Dreaming."

Charlie listened very closely.
 He wanted to learn all he could about it.

The man, who was talking, said,
"If you can, do train your mind,
you can take control 
of the contents of your dream."

"You can have new powers.
You can walk through walls.
You can teleport.
You will be able to fly.
You can do almost anything."

Charlie definitely wanted to try this.

He thought he'd try something simple first.
let's see ...
So, he'd ask himself;
What 's my most favorite thing to do?

That's easy ... Bath time !

First he was thinking about it real hard.
That didn't seem to do anything.
Then he started relaxing.
He thought he could do this easily.
Just relax.

Next thing he knew,
he was dreaming.
So ...
he wanted to make his dream of bath time come true.
He relaxed some more.

Next thing he knew,
someone turned on the lights.
  and then shouted,

"Bath Time !"

{free quote}

"Yesterday is but today's memory,
and tomorrow is today's dream."

- Khalil Gibran


January 14

Dress Up Your Pet Day
  Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day
Clean Off Your Desk Day


Young Isaac was cleaning off his desk.
It had gotten quite messy.
He had been hard at work, at school, for many hours.
Even his lunch wrappers
from his Pastrami sandwich
had just missed the wastebasket.

It really didn't take him long
when he decided to get done right away,
before he was on his way home.

On the way,he started thinking about his dog, Taco.
It was his birthday and he was expecting
something in the mail.

When Isaak arrived home
he found the package.
He took it inside
and found Taco waiting.

"Hello, Boy." he said.
Taco's tail goes into fast gear.

Isaak opens up the package.
It was a little "suit."
That Isaak had ordered for his dog.
It had brown coloring on the two sides,
and some scraps of green and yellow on the top.
He put the costume on Taco,
who seemed to enjoy it.
"This day was turning out great!" Taco thought++
It seemed like a party with a whimsical "vibe."

They went back outside,
where everyone was smiling and talking with Taco.

Even the people who had never met Taco before,
seemed to know his name.

Taco was very happy,
but he didn't understand how
so many people knew his name.

                                                           {free quote}

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
by any other name would smell as sweet;"
- Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

January 15

Hat Day
Fresh Squeezed Juice Day
  Bagel Day
Strawberry Ice Cream Day


I put on my favorite hat,
walked downstairs,
had me some fresh squeezed juice
and a bagel.
With breakfast out of the way
I could start my day.
'cause I had big plans,


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January 16

Hot & Spicy Food Day
Religious Freedom Day 
Nothing Day
Appreciate a Dragon Day

It was my "day off."
and I was going to do ... nothing.
except, maybe relax.

I was granting myself
this,  "freedom."
I stretched out,
& got comfortable.
The pillow cradled my head,
I closed my eyes.

I thought about my friend, "Dougie."
Dougie the Dragon.

Friendliest dragon around.
He was a great friend.
He sure loved hot enchiladas.
green ones, red ones.
didn't matter. 
He said they made him fly faster !

I believed him.
Why, I remember when I first met him.
I was looking for adventure ...
and Dougie was looking for some company.
Funny, how we found each other.

After Dougie told me, all I had to do ...
was to "hang on, tight."

We went "soaring."

It certain was nice
having Dougie for a friend.

I smiled.

{free quote}

"Life is great, when you fly on a dragon!"

{said ...}

- Everyone who has ever had a dragon

January 17

Kid Inventors' Day
Ditch New Year's Resolution Day
Benjamin Franklin Day

Reserved: Johnny

One day, I was doing nothing and
my friend Jonny came over.

{First,  Let me explain who Jonny is}

Jonny is a special kid
He can do two things that most people cannot do.
He could make his eyes go
around in small fast circles, &
He was an inventor ...
crazy, weird stuff.
and often times a" re-inventor."
Put another way ...
He had a unique "skill set."
                                            Because of that, he could
sometimes find himself, in a mess of trouble..
Most of the time, he was a really great guy.

"Hey Jonny !" I said when I saw him.

"Hey," He replied, "can we talk in private ?"

"Awww, Jonny,    What happened this time?"

"Can't explain - Must show you."

now he was using his robot voice..

"Okay Jonny, where are we going?"

"Follow me," he whispered as he turned
and took off running into the darkness.

Jonny had a "flair' for the dramatic.

I took off full speed,
right behind him.

I kept up, we ran for quite a while,
then Jonny stopped, looked all around and said,

"Okay, get behind these bushes."
Jonny had us 'crouch down.'
Yeah, here's good."

He still was looking all around.

"What is it?" I asked, I guess a little too loudy.

"Shhhhhh"  he admonished me, "Nobody can know,
so please, use your quiet voice."

We were both sitting on our haunches.
Jonny looked at me as serious as I ever saw him.

"I invented a Time Machine." he declared.

"Holy Cow !"  I stammered, "How? ..."

"It was by accident."  He hung his head,
in what I could only imagine was guilt or shame or something.
I couldn't really understand.

I kinda felt sorry for him.

Next, his head slowly raised, and he looked
directly at me,smiled, indicating he had been
toying with me.

"No, I invented it on purpose.
I mean c'mon,
how can anyone invent a time machine
by accident ?"

He was right of course.

"but ... I got a problem, and I believe you're
just the right kind of guy who can help."

"I'm listening." I said.
"I'm going on a trip," he started,
"and I'll need someone back here,
who I can trust,
to operate a few switches, and such
to "bring me back home."

"What?  Me?" I asked in amazement.
"Well, I believe we can do just about anything,
with the proper planning."
"Well, this will take a little planning, then?
So, we'll have some time?" .. .I wondered out loud.

"Nope," Jonny looked at his watch,
"I gotta leave in 23 minutes exactly,
with only a small window of 'opportunity.' "

Jonny looked back at me and said,
"What? - you gotta appointment ?"

I replied, "Nope, ready now;
what do I need to know and do ?"

We went to over to Jonny's Dad's garage, and I
followed Jonny through some twist and turns,
through many rooms and finally his workshop.
I was looking at all the cool stuff
that was on the workbench.

Jonny came over and showed me a very complicated
assortments of new & old gears and 'whatnots.'

"I've made this control board very simple.
You'll just have to flip these switches,all four,
then flip the same switches back again,
at precisely 40 seconds after, "GoTime."

"Got it?" he asked.

"Got it."

He stepped closer to a "box."

"Any questions?"

"Two. What's that box for and when is GoTime?"

"You'll know,
I'll give you a clue.
Just keep your eyes on me."

"Great, I thought, What kind of clue?
Alright, Jonny stepped into "the box."
He looked back at me and smiled,

He pressed a button ...
and vanished !

Where did he go?


Where did he Go this Time?

GoTime ... ?

of course


 I had no timepiece, I could find no clock or device,
so I did the next best thing,
I started my 40 second countdown ...
Out Loud ...

"40. 39. 38. 37. 36. 35. 34. 33. 32. 31.
30. 29. 28. 27. 26. 25. 24. 23. 22. 21."

This is a little boring, & could take a while, so ...
{Time is being temporarily suspended, for the sole purpose of this story.}

{see you next month}


{free quote}

"Backward, turn backward, O Time, in your flight,
Make me a child again just for to-night!"

- Elizabeth A. Allen,
Rock Me to Sleep

January 18

Winnie the Pooh Day
Thesaurus Day
Maintenance Day


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January 19

Tin Can Day
Popcorn Day
Brew a Potion Day


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January 20

Penguin Awareness Day
Buttercrunch Day
Cheese Lovers Day
D.J. (Disc Jockey) Day
Day of Acceptance


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January 21

Squirrel Appreciation Day
Hugging Day
New England Clam Chowder Day
Own Your Own Home Day
One Liners Day

Zug's Hugs


{free quote}

"Analysis is the way of the mind,
hugging is the way of the heart.
The mind is the cause of all diseases,
and the heart is the source of all healing."

- Osho

from: The Wild Geese and the Water #4


January 22

Celebration of Life Day
Blonde Brownie Day
Hot Sauce Day
Answer Your Cat's Questions Day
Polka Dot Day

Reserved for:


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January 23

Measure Your Feet Day
Pie Day
Handwriting Day
Compliment Day


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January 24

School Nurse Day
Compliment Day
Square Dance Day
Belly Laugh Day
Eskimo Pie Day


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January 25

 Opposite Day
A Room of One's Own Day

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January 26

Australia Day
Peanut Brittle Day

Twins in Space
(the first beginning  ? )

Part I.

Count Down:

10. ...   9. ...   8. ... Danny checks his guages.
7. ... 6. ...  5. ... Molly checks  her hair.
4. ... 3. ... 2. ... Both twins look at each other ...
1. ... 0. ... Blastoff ! ... Now their UppP, in the air !

Climbing. Climbing. Climb.
Higher. Higher. High.
We're leaving our planet ... and are
Zooming through the sky.

Clouds are passing quickly.
Stars are getting "clear~er."
Dan & Moll say, "goodby" to earth,
as they check-out the "rear-view mirror."

============================================= or ...

... Twins in space
(try again.)

Part 1, the Countdown ...

10'nnn ... 9'nnnn ... 8'ttttttttttttt
Molly thought this was going to be Great !

7'nnn ... 6'ixxx
Danny thought he might be sick.

5'vvvvvvv... 4'rrrrrrrrr
-Hey, What's going on ?
Who are these kids, ready to Blastoff ?

Why it's Molly and her twin brother, Danny!
The luckiest kids on the planet ...
at least for a few more seconds.

3'eeeeeee ... 2' ooo oooooo ...
awwwwwwww." mutters Danny.

"This is so coooool !"    muses Molly.        

She is just about bursting with excitement.

1.nnn  0. Zerooooooo !!!

Suddenly, you couldn't hear.
It got very loud, and "sh

Up,  Upp,  &  UppP,  Faster and F
aster !

Molly, gave the first report,
"All lights:  

She looked at her brother,
he looked a little like the lights.

"You'll be 'okay', soon." she assured him.

He returned a little nod & a weak smile.
Danny, had never cared for "heights."

Soon. They entered the "black of space."
They both were looking in the rear view mirror.
Earth, was starting to look like a shrinking blue marble.

"There's Australia!" shouted Molly.

Danny nodded to his sister, and gave his report.
"All lights: Green."

"Feeling better?"
Molly asked. 

"Yeah, and a little hungry too, " he replied.

Danny had been thinking about those
peanut brittle milkshakes, "snacks in a tube."
He actually helped in the design-recipe.

Yep, he did suggest,
a 20% increase in the amount of peanut brittle, used.
This new ratio made it just perfect, and
he had persuaded the Mission Commander
to stock an extra case on board.
"Woooooooooo Hooooooooooooo !"

They both unbuckled from their seats,
and 'floated' back to the "mess hall."
Danny grabbed two snack-tubes, and started juggling with them.

"Easy." he beamed.

Molly went to go sit down at the table,
but on the way,
 her brother passed by,
she reached down grabbed his boot,

lifted it straight upwards,
and he went flying away doing a mid-air "cartwheel."

"Still easy ?"
   She was, messin' with him.

Several minutes later, Danny came walking back in.
He had put on his magnetic boots.

"Let's go check with the boss." Danny suggested.
When he was talking about the 'boss,'
he meant the Mission Commander.

While one twin (air swam) or "magically floated,"
as she called it,

and the other twin ...
"stomped "  as he called it,

with a constant metallic "clanging sound."
they made it finally.
to the Mission Commander's area,

 what they saw, was unbelievable!

There was "No Commander."
They, the twins, were by themselves,
hurtling through space,
with no one in charge.

Danny opened his second snack-shake.

Just then, the static started.
Next, the communication board lit up.

"Come in, twins. Come in, twins !
Do you copy ?"

Molly was the first to grab a headset.
"Hey," she shouted, "Someone's missing up here!"

"We know, we just found him. He's here."
came the reply, from Mission Command.

"What's the plan when something like this happens ?"

Dan asks.

"Alot, has to do with you two, and your decision.
The commander is here, by accident.
We have your missions in the computer,
Everything  is already programmed in.

You'll have: extra room, extra air, extra food.
Of course
You may have to miss some school ..."
came the response, from 
what seemed very, very far away.

"What do you say  ?"

The twins looked at each other, again.

they both smiled.


coming in
When we hear nobody say,

{"Twinkle Twinkle,  Little Schminkle"}

Coming next month !

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January 27

Chocolate Cake Day
Mad Tea Party Day
Punch the Clock Day


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January 28

Kazoo Day
Clash Day
Rattlesnake Round-Up Day

Sharp as a Whip

Way, way, way out in the "new west,"
under the hot, scorching sun,
smack in the middle of the desert ...
lived this nest* of rattlesnakes.
* (that means;  group of ...)

They were the friendliest rattlesnakes around,
and they loved to play music.

They really loved to play their own music and,
they had a very special band,
and "everyone" played something!
About half of them had their kazoo's,
and of course,
being rattlesnakes ...
they all had their own "rattles."

So, as you can imagine,
they played a bunch of marching music.
Who knows, "why?"
Snakes don't march,
they slither.
So ... actually "it" was a little more like
slitherin' music.
It was definitely their favorite

Once they started warmin' up,
and those rattles shook out a beat,
and they got a rhythm thing goin' on,
then, the kazoo's join in, &
when the tempo was just right ...

"Slither, slither."

Mannnnnnnnn, these snakes were ready ...
to "shake 'em down."

Slither, Rattle, Kazoo.
Slither, Rattle, Kazoo !

This was young Duane's first parade,
and he was very excited.

The Grand Party Parade
was about to begin.
  Everyone took their usual places.
The lead head snakes gave the order to begin,
and with a rattling, a  kazooing and
a slithering,
down the trail.
This went on and on
down a new west slitherin' trail
until ..just as they were starting up a small hill,
Duane spotted something
Apparently no one else was looking in that direction.
you would never guess
what everyone saw coming right toward them.
{Duane did.}

Another nest of snakes, out slithering
Yet, in a different formation.
The leaders at the head of the parade
sent out the command for "Halt!"

While Duane's nest formation
was four snakes across,
The other nest
 had only two snakes across in their formation.
 Many of the snakes were holding unto a
single cymbal with their tail,   &
 when they clashed it with their neighbor's cymbal,
it made a beautiful sound.
It also glistened in the sunlight.
Mixed with the rattle,
it was almost indescribable.

Duane had made up his mind.
He slithered out of formation,
and made his way to the front of the parade.
Now he could see that the two nests had both halted
right in front of each other!

Soon,  Duane made it to the very front, where he saw
that the nest-leaders were already in a heated
discussion about what to do next.
This had never happened before.
{you see, snakes have a little difficulty with "reverse gear" }

Duane came forward toward the nests,
he addressed both nest leaders
and said in a loud, clear voice,

"It appears that we are blocking each other's path.
I understand the problem, & have a solution.
Each nest can do this together,
and each can then continue on their way,
without further delays."

It was very hot, and very quiet,
so Duane continued,

"The leaders of each nest, will give the command for,
"Forward Slither."
Then after a 4 count,
each nest leader will give the order for a,
"Right Turn."
Then after a 4 count,
they give the order for a, "Left turn."

Duane summarized:
"Just: Forward,right, then left."

It was too hot out to do anything
except to try it.
Duane took his place back in formation.
Meanwhile the nest leaders practiced silently to themselves.
"Forward, right, then left."

As we watch the two nests execute very fine
marching/slithering and pass each other, in a beautiful form.
They each head into opposite horizons.

Slither, Rattle & Kazoo.

(then in the opposite direction, we hear ...)

Slither, Rattle & Clash.

If you stand right here,
in between them as they slither away
{you can hear them in stereo}

Slither,  Rattle,  Kazoo.   ~    Slither, Rattle, Clash!

{keep listening...}

Slither,  Rattle,   Kazoo.   ~      Slither Rattle, Clash!

Slither,  Rattle,  Kazoo.   ~    Slither Rattle, Clash!


{free quote}

"Learn from yesterday,
Live for today,
Hope for tomorrow."

- Albert Einstein


January 29

Puzzle Day
Corn Chip Day
Freethinkers Day
Carnation Day

Reserved:  O.W. & Mary


{free quote}

"Life is like duct tape.
It has two sides
one light one dark
& it holds the universe together."

- Oprah Winfrey

January 30

Escape Day
Inane Answering Message Day
Croissant Day


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January 31

Backward Day
Inspire Your Heart with Art Day
Eat Brussels Sprouts Day
Street Children Day
Appreciate Your SS Check Day
Hell is Freezing Over Day
Hot Chocolate Day
Scotch Tape Day

Once upon a time,
There was this young girl,
who was very excited to celebrate,
Backward Day.
When she woke up, she shouted,
"Day Backward Happy!"

Next, when getting dressed,
she put on her shirt with the front facing the back,
and the backside facing the front!
She looked in the mirror at her "new look,"
and smiled.

She cheerfully went to "breakfast"
and greeted her family with a bright and sunny,
"Day Backward Happy!"

They responded, with a
"grumble, grumble, grumble."
She wasn't sure if they were in a bad mood,
or ... just "backwards" in their own way.

After she finished eating, she said, "Bye-Good."
and headed out the door.

She walked backwards for awhile
but that was too slow, so
she turned around, and ran the rest of the way.

School went fine, and she had some fun.
at lunch, she ate her dessert first, 

and later arranged her brussel sprouts on
her plate, so it looked like a "mad" face.

 She looked at her plate and her "artwork."
It was pretty "inspiring!"
but not too scary.


{free quote}




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