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April 1

April Fools Day
One Cent Day
 Reading is Funny Day  
 Poetry & The Creative Mind Day
Antigone Raine

 5 Year-old Antigone Raine
is a very special girl.
Anyone who knows her, loves her very much.

On this particular day there was going to be a parade.
She was very happy about this because
her big sister and baby brother and
mom and dad were going.
She also was excited because she knew
she could get some candy, or sometimes
they would throw out pennies to the kids.

They all drove uptown, parked,
 and found a nice place on the sidewalk to watch.

The parade was full of strangely dressed people
walking and dancing down the middle of the street.
They were all being silly and funny.

Brightly colored floats also floated by.
Bands were marching.
She could see the drummers drumming,
and the slide trombonists sliding,
the cymbal clashers clashing.   
She could not hear them, but she knew
everyone there was having a fun time because ...
 everyone was smiling.

There were balloons floating in the air
held with long ribbons by the people walking in the parade.
A funny clown came and gave Antigone a pink balloon,
he slipped the loop at the end of the ribbon around her wrist.
Another clown came over a put another pink balloon around her other wrist.
She was very happy about this.
She was flapping her arms bouncing the balloons up and down.
She was so excited she started jumping up & down.
Then the strangest thing started happening.

When she jumped up ...
She did not go down.

She was ... "floating" !
She gently floated up, up and up some more.
 Now, she could see the parade from a different point of view.
It was wonderful.
She could see so much more!

She looked down and saw her family.
Her mom was "signing" to her, to get back down.

Antigone thought of two things.
One.   She wasn't sure how to "get down".
and number Two ...
she wanted to see more of the parade from "up here."

She was looking down at the parade, and
then she saw
"the parade" was looking up at her.
Everyone was pointing up,
 so, she pointed down.
She laughed and laughed.

Next she saw her Dad running and jumping up on a float.
A float with a trampoline on it.
He jumped up on it and bounced up very high.
Next thing that happened, was, he caught her foot,
and held on pulling her to safety.

Her family all gave her hugs,
and all the people started clapping.

Later on, when they were all back home,
Her mom  read, and signed, her, and her sister,
a funny bedtime story.

When she laid down to sleep ...

She thought about that afternoon,
then she had an  epiphany.

"I will come up with my own story,
and I will call it ...

 Antigone, The Girl Who Floated."

{free quote}

"Happy 5th Birthday!"

- Grandpa.

April 3

 World Party Day
 Don't Go To Work Unless It's Fun Day
Find/Share A Rainbow Day
Fish Fingers and Custard Day
National Walking Day
 Weed Out Hate: Sow The Seeds of Greatness Day  
Pony Express Day
 Tweed Day
National Day of Hope

Doesn't This Sound Great ?

A party all over the planet.
Even ... in your country.
In your province, your state, and your village.
Especially in your village.
Everyone is celebrating.
Everyone is happy.
Many, have taken the day off to celebrate.
All your neighbors are here.
Your family and friends are all here too.
A rainbow is found overhead.

The foods look delicious, smells wonderful,
& tastes ... out of this world!
Everyone brought something to share.
It is a Feast,  it is a giant BBQ,
and, it is an indoor/outdoor buffet.
People are dining on their very favorites.
Some people are eating fish fingers and custard.

Laughter is everywhere.
There is music and singing and dancing.
Many people are out enjoying walking together.
Some people are in their own gardens,
planting seeds of ... "Greatness."

Hoof-beats are heard coming from a distance,
sounding louder now,
as a lone rider appears on the horizon.
The galloping cowboy is quickly approaching.
The main street has been cleared, and
a readied pony is spotted waiting in the middle of the street.
The young rider smoothly dismounts his pony and
 onto the waiting replacement.
The crowd leaps to it's feet and applauds,
as he gallops away into the sunset,
and to the end of the rainbow.
People resumed talking.
Conversation topics are about
new excitable ideas and solutions.
Everyone is brainstorming.

It had already been agreed
by everyone on the planet, that
every trouble, every problem, every disagreement
could be solved by simply using our words.

All wars were stopped.
No one was interested in doing that anymore.
Not anyone.

We had collectively found a better way.
That our awareness and commitment of
 our brains, our hearts, and our hands
 in collective harmony with the entire human race,
creates the reality of which we all seek.

A universal human right to fun, peace and life.
and that ...
the opposite of war:
 - Is to Party.

and that's ... exactly what is happening now.

You are wearing your new tweed suit.
You've been asked to speak about, "Hope."

You stand and look at all the smiling faces ...

{free quote}

"Pass the food, and turn up the music."
- the  Partiers


April 4

Reserved: Elaine


April 5

National Caramel Day

National Deep Dish Pizza Day

Go For Broke Day


{under revision}


April 7

  International Beaver Day
  International Snailpapers Day
  Metric System Day
No Housework Day
World Health Organization Day

{under revision}

April 9


Name Yourself Day  

Chinese Almond Cookie Day

National Cherish an Antique Day

  Winston Churchill Day




Debbie Confetti


In a small town called Valley City,

lived this young girl who named herself,

 (just for today)

Debbie Confetti.


Her best friend chose her new name as, Marti Party.


Today, she was going over to Marti Party’s house to play,

but, when she got there,

Marti’s dad met her at the door and said,

“I’m sorry, Marti can’t come out to play right now,

she’s not feeling well.” 

As Debbie was slowly walking back home,

She thought,  “Hmmm … What can I do now?”


 “I know,”  she said suddenly,

“I can bake cookies!”


 She ran the rest of the way home, and went into the kitchen.

 She loved making cookies.

She got out the flour, sugar, eggs, butter, baking soda, salt,

almond extract and some almonds.


When her mother passed by the kitchen she asked,

“What are you making, Debbie Confetti?”


Debbie answered,

“Marti Party isn’t feeling well,

I thought I could bake some cookies to bring over.”


“That’s a wonderful thought.”  Her mother complimented.

 Debbie mixed the ingredients,

then shaped the dough into small balls,

and placed them on the cookie sheet.

She then flattened them slightly and

put an almond on top of each one.

Next, she put them into the oven.

When the cookies were done, Debbie Confetti,

put them on her favorite special old wooden plate,

and carried them over to the Marti and her family.


Marti Party and her dad

 were sitting in the living room when she arrived.


 When Debbie came in, she announced,

“I baked you some cookies.”

She handed over the special plate.


Marti’s dad said, “This,”  holding up the plate of cookies,

“is just what the doctor ordered.

They not only taste good, but they're also very good for us.

Almonds are one of the most nutritious of all nuts.

This will help. Here Marty."

He handed his daughter a cookie.


Marti Party took a bite of her cookie and said,


“I feel better already.

Thank you, Debbie Confetti.”




{free quote}


"The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity.

The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty."

 -Winston Churchill


April 11


Barbershop Quartet Day
International "Louie Louie" Day
National Pet Day
  Eight-Track Tape Day


I was walking though the mall one day,

and I saw these four guys, standing by the music store.

They were all wearing striped vests and straw hats.

One of them had a banjo,

and they were singing …


{It sounded a little like,  Louie Louie}


There’s a fine little pet,

waiting for me.

I’ll catch a ship,

to cross the sea.


I’ll sail that ship

all alone.

Not real sure

how I’ll make it home.


I gotta’ go.   I gotta' go.


Three nites and days,

I sailed the seas.

Thinking of my pet …



While on that ship

I dream she’s there, and

smell the sea breeze,

in her hair.


I see Jamaica,

with her moon above,

it won’t be long,

‘till I see my love.


I’ll take her in

my arms again, and

tell her that

I’ll never leave again.


I gotta’ go.    I gotta’ go now.



Let’s go !




also available in 8 track.

{just kidding}




{free quote}


“Until one has loved an animal,

a part of one's soul remains unawakened.”

-Anatole France



April 13


Blame Somebody Else Day

Scrabble Day

Thomas Jefferson Day





There was a young lad named, Doran.

Who some folks once said was, borin’

… and so it began …

He would create a new plan,

to become ,,,  a Comedian.


On stage, He called himself, “Cool Mac.”

This young boy, with quite a knack

Soon you will smile,

And grin after a while,

  even if you’d try not to … you’d crack.  


Why … he can shoot you a glance,

or break into a chicken dance.

Then you’d start laughing,

Next, you’d be gasping,

You never really had a chance.


He also learned ventriloquism

And used a special technique

He’d put a dummy on his lap,

It seemed that the dummy could speak .


One nite, his mom heard a “swear.”

Something that was forbidden

He quick put his brother on his lap

And the little guy admitted he did it!


  One day when Doran was at school,

And wishing he was out shooting pool.

He saw some friends playing a game,

When he got closer, they called his name …


“Hey,   Mac Cool !”


“You are good at psychobabble

Join us in a game of Scrabble.”



He drew seven tiles out of a bag    

He quietly thought,  man, this is a drag.”


  Two O’s and two L’s and an M, an N and a T ??

Oollmint?  What is that supposed to be?

The two previous words formed an uppercase “T”

The words: “ice” and “cream” were now waiting for company..

I  C  E

One of his friends said,

 "We're playing that you can
even use a proper name one time."


He laid down none of his 7 tiles,

but just quietly whispered, “BINGO.”  


His friends were protesting as he,

 stood up, put on his sunglasses,  

and started towards the door.

He then stopped and turned to his friends.

He reached down in his pocket, pulled out a nickel,

and flipped it up, and spinning, toward them, and said,


“Here, you can figure this out.”






{free quote}



“We are all born with wonderful gifts.

We use these gifts to express ourselves,

to amuse, to strengthen, and to communicate.

We begin as children to explore and develop our talents,

often unaware that we are unique,

that not everyone can do what we're doing!”



-  Lynn Johnston

April 19

Humorous Day
Pet Owner's Day
Garlic Day
Hanging Out Day

Reserved: Daniel

April 22

Addyson:  "It's my Birthday !"
Hunter:  "It's not my birthday ...  but
Happy Earth Day !"
Addyson:  "Happy Jelly Bean Day !"

On this evening, the Dad, the Mom, the Son, and
the Daughter were all walking to the store.
The Mom was talking about Earth Day.
She said that everyone could do a part,
to help our planet.

"Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle." she concluded.

"... and ReCreate." added the Dad.

They entered the store and got some hot dogs
and buns and stuff for their family barbeque.
When they got in the checkout line, Addyson
spotted a brightly colored package of jelly beans.

"Can Hunter and I share these, please?" she asked.

"Okay, a few," replied the Mom, "after dinner."

On their way home they continued their Earth Day
conversation and the Mom was giving examples of 'Reduce.'

"It's making something smaller to take up less space.
Like stepping on a box to squish it down before throwing
it away.  Or to 'Reuse' to find another use for that box."

"An example of 'Recycle' would be putting an empty
aluminum can in the 'Recycle' bin."
added the Dad.

"What's an  example of 'ReCreate' Dad?" asked Hunter.

"I'll  surprise you." was all the Dad would say.

They got home and Addyson went to play with her dolls,
Hunter went to play with his cars and trucks.
The Mom was busy getting the cake ready and
the Dad was barbequing up the hot dogs.

When the food was ready, they all came outside to eat.
They ate. They sang "Happy Birthday." They had cake.
They were almost finished when it was starting to get dark.

"Look UppP there," the Mom said to everyone.
"It's the Big Dipper." They all looked.

"Look in this direction," the Dad pointed,
"do you see those three bright stars in a row?"
Everyone was looking.
"Those three stars are called, 'Orion's Belt'.
Orion is very very big, and that's just the middle of him.

Orion is a Mighty Hunter.
Just like you, Son."

Hunter smiled.

Next they all went inside, and the kids
were asked to get ready for bed.
Addyson was ready first, and ran to her Mom
to ask for some jellybeans. When Hunter heard
those words, he also came running in.
The Mom gave them each four.
Hunter got red ones, Addyson, pink.

The Dad came over, asked for the package,
went over to the table, and spread all the jellybeans out.
He carefully picked out all the blues, a lot of green ones,
some brown ones and a few whites.
Then he put the rest in the package.

He kissed his kids 'Goodnite'
took his two big handfuls of jellybeans,
and started walking away.

The Mom and the kids just stared at him.

"Where are you going?" asked the Mom.

"To surprise you, I'll see you in the morning."

{free quote}

"The best things in life are silly."

-Scott Adams


April 23


Read Me Day

Talk Like Shakespeare Day

 International Nose Picking Day

  World Book and Copyright Day




A young, blond haired, blued eyed boy came running.

Scott was coming home from a too long day in school.

He was wearing his favorite T shirt that read,

“I Love Dawgs”

A few seconds later he was at the back door,

then in the kitchen, the fridge for a snack,

through the living room, to the patio door,

opening …
  expecting …

to play with his two dogs, Tiffany and Benji.

“How strange …”  he thought,

they usually come running when the back door opens.

He looked to the left, he looked to the right.

No dogs?!?   "What the Dickens!"

He walked outside and noticed something strange by the fence.

Two piles of dirt!

They had dug a small escape tunnel under the fence !!!

He hollered,

“Benji and Tiffany, Wherefore art thou? … dawgs?”

He went back inside grabbed the leashes, and returned.
{to the scene of the crime}

He jumped up, climbed over, and went out to look for his friends.


He walked quite a ways not seeing his pals or any clues,

then …

he saw some kids,   gathered under a small bridge,

He went over and when, he got close enough,

Scott could see what they were doing.

They were picking their noses !

“What have I walked into?”  he thought.


Scott asked them all, if any of them, had seen his two dogs.

They all said no, but one girl kept looking down, saying,

“I haven’t seen your two black dogs.”

She kept saying she did not know where they were.

She looked nervous, and said, “I gotta go, now.”

and took off, running.

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

Scott thought, and waited just a few seconds and

took off following her.


As he predicted, she ran straight home and entered

through the back fence gate.

And … who came up running to greet her?

Yep.   Benji and Tiffany.

“Hey!” hollered Scott.

His dawgs saw him and ran toward him, barkin’

and the girl saw him, and ran inside.

Scott took the leashes out of his pocket,

opened the gate, and greeted his friends.

A few minutes later, all three of them were on their way home.


He walked through the front door following his pets.

His mother said she had “fixed” the fence and please

put the two runaways in the backyard.

As he was returning the dogs to their yard, he could hear,

his younger brother, Robby and baby sister, Crystal

both staring at the back window, and were "arguing." ?

 Apparently there were 2 bugs trapped in between panes.

Robby was trying to explain they were called “bees”

and Crystal kept calling them “bugs”.

Their mother walked by, looked at Scott, cocked her head

toward the other two, and asked, “What’s all the fussin’ about?”


“Two bee or not two bee ... That is the question.”

Scott proclaimed as he walked back toward his room.

Once there, he dove unto his bed and looked up to the ceiling.

“What an interesting afternoon.” He thought,

“I could write a story, …  if nobody takes this idea."


{free quote}


“Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow,

that I shall say good night till it be morrow.”

- William Shakespeare 


April 30

Honesty Day
Oatmeal Cookie Day
Poem in Your Pocket Day
International Jazz Day
National Raisin Day


somebody says,

"hey  Noah,
what's in your pocket?"

"I wrote a little poem
to celebrate this day,
and to explain to my family
maybe, why I am this way.

{free quote}

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