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The  What  ~  Who  ~  Where  ~  When   &  ~  Why.   

The What:

 This is a collection of special bedtime stories.
These stories are not, just for "current" kids,
if you ever have been a kid ...

these stories are for you too!

What's so special about them?
 {One might ask}

Many things.

Here are just a couple.

#1. These bedtime stories are
carefully crafted around
 unique daily observances,

then blended with
  wonder and inspiration.
and ...

"b."   They are also
wacky, cute, strange, and fun.

There will be 12 volumes total,
29, 30, or 31 stories in each.

For a Grand Total of

* Nite~Time  "Experiencesin  All !

*{I know,  it's hard for us to believe, too.}

The Who:
These stories are created & submitted by the UppP Brothers:

Dr. UppP
   Rev. UppP
  S. Pring UppP

 I.M. UppP
  R.U. UppP
  Y.B. UppP

Wey Kin  UppP
Cowboy UppP
   Giddy UppP

Luke N. UppP
Mix Zit UppP
        and ...

I get a little dizzy when I'm this high ... UppP.

The Where:
Some of these stories are found in:
  Unusual and curious worlds,
the mysterious
 and the seemingly ordinary.
 Your every day worlds,
    your living rooms, kitchens,
attics, basements,
and even your neighborhood parks.

These stories can take place anywhere  
from the quantum~ly "tiny"
to the
cosmically "enormous",
from the familiar
to the
not so much.

Still  ...  others
are zoomin' around in outer/inner space.

The When?
   Past.  Present.  &  Future.
 and sometimes ...

Uh, sorry.
  Don't want to give away too many spoilers.

The Why:

We have multiple motives:

To leave our readers/listeners  with:

Good feelings,
new ideas to ponder,
discoveries to consider,
anticipation of celebrations, 
a catalyst  for wonderful dreams !

{ ... oh yeah,  &  the Nobel Peace Prize thing, too}

and as if 
this all
isn't enough ...

The  "free quote"  bonus.

Each story is paired with a quote
from someone,
whose message is  ...

Thank you very much

for your time.

We  leave you with this:

{free quote}

"I'm an idealist.

I don't know where I'm going,

but I'm on my way."

- Carl Sandburg

For best experience:  Read Me First  ...  first.

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